The workshop expands with the arrival of Rozenn Hervieux

Some have already spoken with her by email or phone, Rozenn Hervieux has joined the adventure of the workshop!

Who is this new Hervieux?

The most curious already have asked the question from the beginning so, Yes !, Rozenn Hervieux is Tudual’s wife! But not only, of course 🙂

She has always evolved in the traditional music and festoù-noz where she dances – a lot – and where she was playing- several years ago! – the accordion on a few stages.

The little hands behind the articles, that’s her!

Former editor for various sites, media and newspapers, Rozenn has an unusual professional career, and an overflowing curiosity! When the Covid appeared in 2020, she decided to take advantage of this global situation to leave the world of writing and return to her love: languages. After Spanish and Italian, she decides to learn Breton with “Stumdi”.

In the meantime, she takes advantage of her professional turn to participate in the redesign of the workshop’s website, in particular by writing the texts and developing our communication via articles and news posts on the networks.

Keys, pipe bags, turning, drilling, etc: a new partner on machines

At the workshop, the orders are increasing more and more. Gilbert’s retirement at the end of 2020 reshuffles the cards, and the question of a new partner arises a little more each month … Meanwhile, Rozenn continues to lend occasional help, while observing, questioning and discreetly learning the tricks !

Finally, after several months, she became an integral part of the workshop, having found a precious place today between administration, communication and machines.

In the start of the 2022 school year, we are therefore very happy to officially announce the arrival with us of our new partner, Rozenn, whom you will certainly have the opportunity to meet if you come to visit us!


All our best wishes for 2022 and see you soon!


Tudual, Jorj, Rozenn et Gilbert