News from the workshop


Rozenn Hervieux accueil atelier Tudual Hervieux

The workshop expands with the arrival of Rozenn Hervieux

Some have already spoken with her by email or phone, Rozenn Hervieux has joined the adventure of the workshop! Who is this new Hervieux? The most curious already have asked the question from the beginning so, Yes !, Rozenn Hervieux is Tudual’s wife! But not only, of course 🙂 She has always evolved in the

Jorj Botuha Gilbert Hervieux Tudual Hervieux Hervé Le Floc’h et Carlos Nuñez à l’atelier Hervieux & Botuha

Carlos Nuñez’s visit : a collaboration and new projects to come in 2022!

A singing Galician accent, a lot of drones, pipe bags, reeds, chanters … it took less than one minute for Carlos Nuñez to fill the workshop space with his musical instruments, his enthusiasm, his ideas and his legendary good humor!   Accompanied by Hervé Le Floc’h, it was like a reunion between friends for the

Boules argentées pour la cléterie

Series of bombardes : here we go again!

Pipe bags, BagPipe bags, Pipe bags… We have talked about it a lot those weeks because they occupy a big part of our time in the workshop, but we do not forget the bombardes! It’s a series of bombardes in B flat and G with 1, 2 or even 3 keys that we are about

Erwan Keravec sonnant de la cornemuse avec Jorj Botuha

Levriadoù in G with key of E, Thread making: sum up of the week…

We take advantage of this foggy Monday morning to give some news from the workshop after a busy week. Among all the projects in progress, the pipe bag making occupy a good part of the production. More than a dozen swan neck pipe bags are about to be sent out again for pipe bands in

Bombardes vue d'en haut

New baritone bombarde, Bb bombarde, sheepskin pipe bags… It’s the start of school year !

The new project “Sonneurs” and the baritone bombarde Several projects are on fire and ready to launch, starting with the design of a baritone bombard in G. Great novelty for the start of the school year, this bombarde is the fruit of a collaboration with Erwan and Guénolé Keravec, Mickaël Cozien and Erwan Hamon, in

Détail bombarde Sib

New bombardes

At the beginning of the summer, Jorj made these two beautiful bombardes. One is in B flat and the other in A.