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We currently have instruments available in the workshop. There’s the: Bombard in B flat (this is one of the last bombards that Jorj Botuha made in the workshop) with keys of Ab, A, B in rolls, D flat, E and G flat, bagad pitch at 1800 € Bombarde in B flat with two keys at

Tudual et Rozenn hervieux


We are back, here we are (finally and not without some cold sweats)! After a few weeks disconnected from the world due to a massive breakdown of our professional e-mail and our website, we are “reconnected” and reachable again. Unfortunately, we have lost all our e-mail data for August… Please, send us an email! If

Fabrication de poches de cornemuse en mouton par Tudual Hervieux

Ordering sheepskin bagpipe bags and deadlines

The growing demand for sheepskin bagpipes, and customers coming from all over the world, deadlines are getting longer 📅 We are proud at the workshop to see our pipe bags now exported to the United States, Asia, Oceania and all the countries of Europe 🌎 But such a reputation does not make us change the

Léonie Hervieux

Full team is back !

As many already knew, something was afoot in the workshop. And it was not a matter of bombarde making this time. Tudual and Rozenn have indeed welcomed their little Léonie, born on August 2. The little family is doing great! If Tudual had never really left his workbenches, Rozenn is well and truly back in

Jef Le Gouarin et Tudual Hervieux

Jef Le Gouarin & Tudual Hervieux – Brittany championship 2022

We’ve been around for a few years…Very happy to have (finally!) won the trophy with my friend, Jef Le Gouarin! Thanks especially to Rozenn Hervieux and Jacques Beauchamp for their unfailing support. Congratulations to Goulven Henaff and Alec C Meunier for their title with Highland bagpipe and bombarde! And thanks to the organizers: Sonneurs Gourin

img 0331

Bombardes et biniou to sell, customize your instrument : the news from February !

The days are getting longer, the sun comes back intermittently (like the festoù-noz!), it’s Friday before the weekend… So it’s the perfect day to share the latest news from the workshop! New bombards and binioù in stock and for sale In terms of deadlines, we are aware that sometimes they get longer and longer. Craftsmanship

Montage des clefs sur une bombarde Tudual hervieux

Bagpipes, bombardes in B flat 3 keys, TV reports: the news of January!

Chromatic bombarde, bagpipe in G, Tenor: beautiful orders have been delivered It’s been a while since we’ve taken you for a walk around the Workshop! Great orders came out of our workshops in January. A new chromatic bombarde rang out over Rennes in the hands of Klervi Piel. Several binioù were also made and delivered