New baritone bombarde, Bb bombarde, sheepskin pipe bags… It’s the start of school year !

The new project “Sonneurs” and the baritone bombarde

Several projects are on fire and ready to launch, starting with the design of a baritone bombard in G. Great novelty for the start of the school year, this bombarde is the fruit of a collaboration with Erwan and Guénolé Keravec, Mickaël Cozien and Erwan Hamon, in particular, for the new formula of the “Sonneurs” project.

img 5673

The hand-made reamer for the bore of the baritone bombarde


A stock of pipe bags

In September we had the opportunity to do several series of pipe bags for teachers and their students, but also for music stores, for example.
On the making side:  Thread, gluing, assembly, stitching, etc. : everything is done by hand, for great precision and irreproachable regularity!


img 5706

Set of pipe bags ordered by Ladislas Klatka and the bagad de Saint Malo, entirely handmade, just like the thread, for resistant, waterproof and regular seams

img 5541

Series of 20 bags ordered by Bryce’s Bagpipes in New Zealand, before gluing and sewing


A series of bombards in B flat

At the same time, requests for quotes also followed the sustained pace of September, with more and more orders. Thank you for your trust !

img 5705

A series of B flat bombards in progress and other achievements for clients

The hours do not change

If you would like more information or, better yet, to go to the workshop, do not hesitate to contact us on (+33)2 99 91 90 68. With Jorj Botuha, we are present from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm by appointment. Gilbert Hervieux is retired, but still keeps one foot in the workshop! He is present every Tuesday.

And finally, a photo of the bride and groom!

First comeback as a married wood wind instrument maker! We take this opportunity to say a big thank you for your congratulations and sweet words 🙂
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Au plaisir de vous (re)voir bientôt,
Bonne rentrée à tous !