Levriadoù in G with key of E, Thread making: sum up of the week…

We take advantage of this foggy Monday morning to give some news from the workshop after a busy week.

Among all the projects in progress, the pipe bag making occupy a good part of the production. More than a dozen swan neck pipe bags are about to be sent out again for pipe bands in Scotland and Germany.

Poches de cornemuses écossaises non cousues et fil de couture

The making of the thread

In this regard, did you know that among all the steps in the manufacture of a pipe bag, there is that of the thread. Meticulous hemp work that takes hours and hours, with a few hand blisters involved! But the rendering is as flawless as the seams.

img 8140


We finally touch the “sol”!

That has kept us going for months and which will soon come to an end: that of the Keravec brothers and their crazy order!

After days of reflection and keying tests in particular, the prototype of the baritone bombarde in G is finally finished.

img 5788

img 5789

Levriadoù with keys

At the same time, we also finished 4 binioù levriadoù in G with E clef for them. When we told you it was a crazy order! Appointment was made on Friday with the team to test the instruments. A great moment… which we will talk to you about again very soon!

img 5799

img 5785

Good Monday !