Tudual Hervieux - Gilbert Hervieux & Jorj Botuha

Bombardes, binious cornemuses...all the excellence and savoir- faire of master-craftsmen
For over more than half a century the Tudual Hervieux – Jorj Boyuha workshop has come to represent all that is excellence and skilled knowhow in the turning of musical instruments -Bombardes, binious, Scottish bagpipes and veuzes. Each instrument is made to measure in the workshop reflecting the personality of the musician while perpetuating a tradition which incorporates innovation and creativity.
Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant
For more than half a century the Tudual Hervieux- Jorj Botuha workshop has come to represent all that is excellent and skilled know-how in the turning of musical instruments. Bombardes, binious, Scottish bagpipes and veuzes ; each instrument is made to measure within the workshop to reflect the personality of the musician and transmit tradition, innovation and modernity.
News of the workshop


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Bombardes et biniou to sell, customize your instrument : the news from February !

The days are getting longer, the sun comes back intermittently (like the festoù-noz!), it’s Friday before the weekend… So it’s the perfect day to share the latest news from the workshop! New bombards and binioù in stock and for sale In terms of deadlines, we are aware that sometimes they get longer and longer. Craftsmanship

Montage des clefs sur une bombarde Tudual hervieux

Bagpipes, bombardes in B flat 3 keys, TV reports: the news of January!

Chromatic bombarde, bagpipe in G, Tenor: beautiful orders have been delivered It’s been a while since we’ve taken you for a walk around the Workshop! Great orders came out of our workshops in January. A new chromatic bombarde rang out over Rennes in the hands of Klervi Piel. Several binioù were also made and delivered

Rozenn Hervieux accueil atelier Tudual Hervieux

The workshop expands with the arrival of Rozenn Hervieux

Some have already spoken with her by email or phone, Rozenn Hervieux has joined the adventure of the workshop! Who is this new Hervieux? The most curious already have asked the question from the beginning so, Yes !, Rozenn Hervieux is Tudual’s wife! But not only, of course 🙂 She has always evolved in the

Jorj Botuha Gilbert Hervieux Tudual Hervieux Hervé Le Floc’h et Carlos Nuñez à l’atelier Hervieux & Botuha

Carlos Nuñez’s visit : a collaboration and new projects to come in 2022!

A singing Galician accent, a lot of drones, pipe bags, reeds, chanters … it took less than one minute for Carlos Nuñez to fill the workshop space with his musical instruments, his enthusiasm, his ideas and his legendary good humor!   Accompanied by Hervé Le Floc’h, it was like a reunion between friends for the