Carlos Nuñez’s visit : a collaboration and new projects to come in 2022!

A singing Galician accent, a lot of drones, pipe bags, reeds, chanters … it took less than one minute for Carlos Nuñez to fill the workshop space with his musical instruments, his enthusiasm, his ideas and his legendary good humor!


Accompanied by Hervé Le Floc’h, it was like a reunion between friends for the most Breton of Galicians, who had already collaborated with Jorj twenty years ago, for chanters in natural B and in C, with which he always plays. Last Friday, he completed his collection with a chanter in Bb 440.


New chanter in Bb made by Jorj Botuha for Carlos Nuñez 

Also on the schedule during this busy day: a reflection around the gaita and the possible evolutions of the instrument, around the reeds, and also around a new pipe bag modeled on Tudual’s sheepskin pipe bags. The trio Jorj Botuha, Tudual and Gilbert Hervieux made sparks in contact with the Galician gaïtero!

See you in February 2022 for some “surprises” imagined and prototyped during this meeting. We’ll talk to you about that soon. In the meantime, you can watch or re-watch the video directed by Carlos Nuñez himself!

Bo día !