Bombardes et biniou to sell, customize your instrument : the news from February !

The days are getting longer, the sun comes back intermittently (like the festoù-noz!), it’s Friday before the weekend… So it’s the perfect day to share the latest news from the workshop!

New bombards and binioù in stock and for sale

In terms of deadlines, we are aware that sometimes they get longer and longer. Craftsmanship is adapting to surprises every day – good and bad. To the unexpected, to the whims of wood, horn, metal. To the bad tricks of our eyes which are sometimes mistaken by reading the orders askew, by reading the ribs upside down, by not even reading anything at all! As you can understand, not everything is smooth and predictable every day. Quite the contrary.

But, despite some delays and overtime on some instruments, we put our customers first and do our best to keep everyone happy. And sometimes the reverse happens. We are faster and more productive than expected! This is how our storefront was filled with additional new bombards for sale.

Currently in stock:

  • A B flat with 2 keys and with horn rings and chamfers made by hand.
  • A bombarde in B flat with butterfly key, pewter chiselling, mounting 5 rings on the top (horn and imitation ivory). The instrument can still be personalized at the bell level with pewter on the bottom, for example.
  • A bagpipe in B flat is also available. There remains the bag to assemble for an instrument ready to play!

Horn, pewter, hand chamfers…: customize your instrument

On the side of small pleasures and beautiful acquisitions, new bombards hand turned, pewter, or with particular colors of horn, have been made in recent days.

Above, a bombarde whose aesthetics were skilfully chosen by a player from Carhaix. Bombarde top with 5 Horn rings and imitation ivory, body entirely chiselled and pewter by hand, butterfly key, etc. Inspired by our historical models, this unique and made-to-measure bombarde joins the list of beautiful creations designed with our customers.

Another aesthetic choice, with its horn drawing towards burgundy red, this bombarde is one of the creations of the week. Choosing horn rings instead of imitation ivory allows you to choose its color, ranging from a black horn to a very light horn, according to your tastes.

If you also want a personalized instrument, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can design your bombarde or biniou together!




Rozenn, Jorj and Tudual