Bagpipes, bombardes in B flat 3 keys, TV reports: the news of January!

Chromatic bombarde, bagpipe in G, Tenor: beautiful orders have been delivered

It’s been a while since we’ve taken you for a walk around the Workshop!

Great orders came out of our workshops in January. A new chromatic bombarde rang out over Rennes in the hands of Klervi Piel. Several binioù were also made and delivered in Brittany and elsewhere. A beautiful Tenor bombard is the delight of the bagad of Malestroit. Very beautiful instruments have been chiselled and tinned to measure thanks to the nimble fingers of Jorj Botuha.

On our benches, the B flat 3 keys are finished, and at the time of writing, the bells are being turned for an imminent delivery. They are next to B flat and 3 tenors bombardes, ready to receive their keys.

As for the bagpipes, it’s a huge model in G that Gilbert turned this week, for Erwan Keravec, and we can’t wait to play it.

When the cameras invite themselves

So many news that have resonated to the ears of television, with several reports on fire. Last week, we welcomed journalists and technicians from France 3, in particular. The friend Guénolé, never far away, came to play with Tudual in front of the cameras.

The opportunity to play a dance, but also to show and hear the renewal and dynamism of the instrument with a baritone bombarde tune.


Riddle of the day

Before returning to our machines, who will be able to guess what is delicately packed in all these boxes for a total weight of 250 kilos and a very particular smell? Hint: pipers, binioù and veuze players don’t just count them to fall asleep… Answer: 160 skins freshly received for 2022 orders!

Veuze players, will you tell me? Yes Yes. They are a small number to play on sheepskin pocket. This choice allows you to play on the move for a long time, without the weather conditions disturbing the instrument. It is the bag that regulates humidity and allows a great autonomy of play.

Here is a bag for veuze ordered by Clément Le Goff, and made according to a cut from Thierry Bertrand.

See you soon,


Tudual, Jorj, Rozenn and Gilbert